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Rabu, 01 Juni 2011


"Slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball". Music keep playing at that room. There, lying a boy at the bed. He stares above, his eyes closed, humming. It was not the music that made him look so happy, nor dreams. Memories. Yes, it was memories that drag him to this delightful situation. He remembered, that this day maybe, was the last time he met all his friends. He knew that someday he had to be parted with those people. The people that laughed together, worked together, spend time together, and cried together with him. Even if it was the same person he quarreled with, the people who he putted down and putted him down, also the people that tricked and be tricked by him. All this people, the stories, the experience, the memories, all of it was the reason why this boy keep smiling. "All these places had their moments, With lovers and friends I still can recall". The music shuffled, and this boy become more happy. He recalled all the memories from this one full-experience year. Then. He felt peace.

Narrative Essay M. Adi Nugroho - XI IPA 2

Senin, 30 Mei 2011

The Art of Death

Everyone like music because  music can make the listener feel happy, energetic, sad, and etc. But not of all people have same about their favourite about the genre of music. There are many genre of music in the world, for example Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal and then Death Metal.

The musical style of death metal is intense and fast. This genre usually utilizing a double bass drum and dual distorted guitars. And the vocal style of this genre are what make death metal distinctive. Instead of singing, death metal vocalists use a low-pitched guttural growl that is nearly impossible to understand. The lyrical content is almost always dark and/or apocalyptic.

Maybe not of all people cannot listen this style of music easily. Adaptation is needed to enjoy and understand this “hard” music. For example, to understand the music of death metal you must  watch a live death metal performance. First, observe how the group members manipulate the instruments. It can be quite an experience especially since the shows are often small and you can walk near or behind the stage to observe the musicians up close. If you've ever tried to play those instruments yourself, you'll probably be amazed with how skillfully they play. It takes practice and dedication, which challenges the stereotype of metal heads being lazy and careless. You might also be surprised about how energetic some of the performers are. There are many kind of death metal, like brutal death metal, progressive death metal, melodic death metal, blackened death metal, death / grind, technical death metal and many more. The genre genre that writers describe before have many different, like lyrical themes, tempo, appereance of band, musical styles and etc. This is the video of writer’s favourite death metal music:

But when you listening to the death metal music, do not take all things you hear in the lyrics of a death metal song seriously. This is especially true with bands like Cannibal Corpse. Use discretion when listening to songs like "Hammer Smashed Face". Cannibal Corpse have even said their lyrics are totally fictional and not to be followed. These songs and all other extreme death metal songs are entirely works of fiction and are not condoned by the authors or the bands. Though many death metal bands have well thought out, comprehensive lyrics with a modern standpoint to todays society, it is the music that keeps them seperated from the herd.

Narrative essay's task by Rifqi Yanda Muhammad / XI IPA 2

Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

Jazz Music of All The Time

If you see the title above, you might think that another genre of music is better than jazz itself. The fact is jazz has lived in our old generation’s ears for centuries. Starting from traditional music, and then country music, blues, and finally jazz. Nobody knows exactly when jazz music was found but it doesn’t matter because everybody loves music and there won’t be a day without singing. Jazz music is quite calm and it makes you (listeners) get sensitive. It will shaped your uncontrolled emotion and of course you soon will be able to take charge with your emotions. Not only about controlling your emotions, jazz music is also uses in different types of therapy. For example if someone is stressed out or freaking out with his/her life and they don’t know what to do, a phsyciatrist will suggest him/her to relax by talking about your problem, try to find the solution while you’re listening to a smooth music like jazz. It really reduces your temper and makes you feel comfortable and it prevents you to explode. For decades and centuries smooth music like jazz has helped many people to relieve stress, that’s why a lot of people especially the old generation loves this kind of music. Some popular jazz musicians are Louis Armstrong, Dave Koz, Frank Sinatra, and also Kenny G. They have their own style in playing their music like Dave Koz, he plays saxophone and makes instrumetal music. Kenny G plays his saxophone too, but they have different way to play. Dave koz’s music is more dynamic and energic, it stimulate your spirit when you hear it in the morning. In the other hand, Kenny G’s saxophone is smoother than Dave Koz’s, but it’s really enjoyable if you play Kenny G’s music late at night. His music helps you to relax and feel comfortable, i usually play Kenny G’s music to make me feel asleep. If you have problems and find it hard to fall asleep, you have to try this kind of music to make your eyes heavier and heavier. The conclusion of this article is music is some kind of entertainment that brings a lot of benefits if you do it right.

Narrative essay's task : Dimas Adityasono XI IPA 2

Selasa, 12 April 2011

Different Taste, Different Genre

Hey there friends! How do you do? After quite a long one week vacuum, now we will post a new thing! What is this post about? Okay, this post is a brief report of a kind of a survey carried out among the students in our class about 'Preferred Music Genre'. This survey investigated the student choices of music genre they liked to listen to. Let's see the results now!

In my class majority of them are females. Nowadays, females enjoyed listening to American pop music, Alternative music, and Indie. At least that's what we had got from the survey we held. Not only females, the males also enjoyed listening to the three genre we've said before, especially Alternative. So, if we try to count it, maybe around 70% of the class liked these three genre. While the others enjoyed listening to rock and roll music, British pop, jazz and metal or hardcore music.

Although, maybe some of the respondents only following the trends. Some of them like the genre of music which hip at the moment. But, when that genre is no longer trending, these respondent no longer listening to that genre, and listening to the genre that become a new trend, and so on. Based on the survey, the minority in fact are more 'loyal' to the genre they are listening to now. Because, whatever the condition, they will love those genres. Meanwhile, there are respondents that don't care much about the genre of the music. They just followed their mood, if they liked the song, whatever the genre, they will enjoyed listening to it.

In the end, the answers given by our respondents were very meaningful to us. Even if the result doesn't came out different with our expectation, but it was very satisfying to knowing what genre of music people loved, and to held a survey even if it just in our own class.

Sabtu, 09 April 2011


Sports, economics, technologies, even nations, all of them encounter an unpredictable situation nowadays, called revolution. A situation where people, suddenly create an unpredicted new emerging power that called 'people power'. Unlike evolution, revolution do not take a long time to occur, revolution only need short process, but it's impact is drastic. This power wanted to erase, replace, and reconstruct the old reign that rules them. Revolution, is the beginning also the masterpiece of a democratic system.
Sometimes revolution include a chaos within it when people dies, riot at the demonstration, and other anarchy activities. But, revolution is not only about politics, powers, and authorities. Revolution also include brilliant ideas that enlighten people mind and distinguish a new style.

For example, we have the 'breakthrougher' of music, The Beatles. Beatles is the breakthrough of the past music, they create rock and roll also pop, when classic and jazz are at their top moment. Such a contrast genre, but in the end, Beatles change the British, oh no, but also the world taste about music. Especially for the young people, Beatles become the 'god of music 'of that time. That's one example of revolution in music. In technology, we have the 'genius' Steven Jobs. Ipad, Apple's newest product, is a tablet, which tablets are actually already manufactured in 2000 by Microsoft, unfortunately they were failed. Jobs, with his revolutionary ideas, successfully rejuvenate this technology and create Ipad. This is not the first time he create a trend. I assume you always carry your lovely Ipod, this player, is Jobs's revolution of music player.

In the end, revolution is not always an anarchy incident. The truth is, revolution is a cycle that will occur every time because of the dynamic mind of humans. So, if your life is at stagnant phase, quick! Do a revolution for yourself and be the better you.

Some People Find it Hard to Rebuild in Japan After Tsunami

A week after the tsunami obliterated most of this northern Japanese city’s seafront and not a little of its inland, the first handful of shopkeepers and their employees were outdoors shoveling mud and hauling wreckage from their businesses, signs of rebirth after this region’s worst catastrophe in memory.

Kunio Imakawa, a 75-year-old barber, was not among them.

Mr. Imakawa and his wife, Shizuko, lost his three-chair barber shop, their second-floor apartment and all their belongings in the tsunami. Rebuilding would mean starting from scratch. And he said that simple math, calculated in yen and in years, showed it was not worth the effort.

“Young people would think, ‘Maybe there’s another way,’ ” he said last week as he sprawled with 1,600 other refugees in a chilly local sports arena. “But I’m too old. My legs have problems.

“It’s too late to start over.”

And as this rural corner of northeastern Japan tries to start over, his spent resilience is a telling indicator of the difficulties ahead. Well before disaster struck, this region was an economic and social laggard, leaching people and money to Japan’s rich urban south, sustained — even as opportunity moved elsewhere — by government largess and an unspoken alliance with the nuclear-power industry.

Illud Divinum Insanus : A New Album from A Veteran Death Metal Band

Throughout history only a handful of artists have been able to achieve a truly iconic stature within any given artform. MORBID ANGEL is among those select few. Shattering the boundaries of creativity and imagination while evolving with each groundbreaking release throughout its historic career, the band stands alone as the true icon in extreme music, serving as source of countless inspiration to the multitude of fans and never failing to amaze with each evolving chapter.

This band Formed in 1984 by founding member Trey Azagthoth, the Floridian band went through a number of lineup changes and recorded the now highly sought-after demos, Scream for Blasphemies and Bleed for the Devil. Azagthoth’s interests in the occult, ancient magic, witchcraft and the Necronomicon poured into the band’s lyricism, as the musical context grew darker and attained definitive sophistication. The 7’’ single Thy Kingdom Come was released in Europe in 1988 and MORBID ANGEL was prepared to make a profound universal statement in form of guitarist Trey Azagthoth, drummer Pete Sandoval, bassist/vocalist David Vincent, and second guitarist Richard Brunelle.

After more than six years of silence, They are set to release their 9th album in 2011. This will be their ninth album release since Heretic, which was released on September 22, 2003. Although MORBID ANGEL has announce a title for the new CD, its name likely begin with the letter "I", in keeping with the band's tradition of titling their albums in alphabetical order beginning with 1989's "Altars of Madness", and continuing through "Heretic".

They has set Illud Divinum Insanus as the title for its eighth studio album. The follow up to 2003′s Heretic, Illud Divinum Insanus will be the first Morbid Angel album to feature original vocalist/bassist David Vincent since 1995′s Domination and the first to feature drummer Tim Yeung (Hate Eternal, Vital Remains, Divine Heresy), who is temporarily filling in for drummer Pete “Commando” Sandoval due to his back problems.

So, be patient to hear their awesomeness in Illud Divinum Insanus!!!!!!